Barcode Registration

Barcode Registration allows you to register your barcode and product information on the International Barcodes Database. Once we receive an order for this, we will email you with a request for proof of barcode ownership. You will then be given instructions on how to register your barcode.

Barcode Registration is included for FREE in our barcode packages. It should only be purchased if you have bought barcodes through another company or a barcode outside of a barcode package through us.

Price per Barcode
1 + P 100.00 each
5 + P 90.00 each
10 + P 80.00 each
20 + P 70.00 each
30 + P 60.00 each
50 + P 50.00 each


Note – All prices in Botswana Pula (P)


Barcode Registration

Original price was: P150.00.Current price is: P100.00.

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